MPD, E, F & Metro Match Reports Rounds 11 - 14

Round 11


MPE 4 - 3 Win Over Southern United

With a team different to our usual line-up due to school holidays, we arrived at Southern looking for a win to keep our season alive. Unable to rectify our poor starts to games this season, we went 0-2 down in the first 10 minutes of the game. After settling down and the team adjusting to each other we were able to wrestle control of the game. A strong passage of link-up play took us from our back half into the D, with Fran putting the ball into the net from the post. Shortly after I was able to stop a Southern ball from entering our D by blocking the hit with the family jewels, which saw me on the ground in pain and earning the match report. A bit of sloppy defense had us concede a great deflection as we went into half time 3-1 down. 

Regrouping and knowing the we were in the game, had us come out strong as we controlled the play in the second half. Our efforts were rewarded as we put 3 well worked goals onto the board, which saw us ahead for the first time in the match 4-3. A frantic final 5 minutes where Southern had all the momentum and our structure fell apart, had us hanging on to our one goal lead for dear life. Somehow through some stong defensive efforts and a few missed shots from Southern, we held on until the whistle to win the game. A big shout out to all the players that doubled up for us to help get the win, and to Oskar for a brilliant display in goals to keep us in the game.

Roberte Brooks

Round 12


MPD 2 - 2 Draw with Southern United

Venturing down to southern on a cold and rainy Saturday we were ready for a tough game. After a good warm up we started the game strong by controlling the ball down the right and getting the ball in the circle numerous times. With all the pressure Arney was able to get our first goal by tomahawking the ball into the bottom left corner. After this we were up and had all the momentum and then Arney got a second shot off which unfortunately ended up hitting TA. After this he game got abit more even and they were able to score there first goal. After getting back on top we were able to control the ball and get a cross to gunzy on the spot who was able to get our second and put us up 2-1. Southern were able to get them selves back in the game by some strong ball movement through the middle and were able to cross the ball to the spot and get there second. The second half was very tough with alot of decisions not being called or being called the wrong way. Duncan got a green card for being abit to vocal about the standard of umpiring and i got the match report because after being mounted as ed put it by a southern defender they got a free hit and i then accidentally kicked ball out of the way.

Andrew Affleck

Round 13


MMBE 1 - 0 Win Over Powerhouse St. Kilda

With 8 players warming up only 10 minutes before the game, it did not look good, especially as dynamic half back Lachie Graham asks the coach if he can be given a easy run as he still can’t run properly. 2 minutes to go no umpires arrive so the coach dons the yellow shirt and whistle and Powerhouse also provide one of their players. We finally line up with 10 players with 2 on their way. The umpire delays the start as Wittwer phones passes on that three of our 15 players are unavailable at short notice but for good reasons.

At last a start, in first 20 minutes playing with only a right wing we keep clearing the ball down the left for Matt Tan to control all the way to the 23 until dispossessed. It seemed all one way traffic with many PHStK shots, shorts and shirtfronts (only there for alliteration purposes). Still they could not get past (the law firm of) Perriman, Peachey, Graham, Greenhough and Ostoja-Solecki. About 20 minutes in we launched an attack down the right with Koshin Ibrahim streaming down the ground and Lachie Yeates at CF providing a link, alas no result and Powerhouse pressured again. Again another attack don the right and Koshin carried the ball to the D and drove, it to Lachie Years whose shot was blocked and then he lobbed the keeper for goal against the run of play. Fearless Captain Butler arrived limping with a pre game rolled ankle to take up room on the left wing. This helped settle the team and slowed the relentless powerhouse attacks. Half time nil all.

Second half our final player arrived after travelling all over Melbourne by PT, little knowing he lived across the road from Stu. The nameless one slotted into the inner role and ran till he dropped, his fresh legs being invaluable, but the late injection is not a tactic I would recommend. Then Sam Lincoln was smashed the foot, going off for most of the half, our 9 fit (?) players and two injured warriors held on valiantly until Sam came back. Still Powerhouse could not penetrate and their frustration showed with one blocking then facing off with Chiefy. We held on for a win for the ages.

Bill Unkles

Round 14


MPD 6 - 2 Win Over Footscray

A game of two halves out at Footscray on Saturday afternoon. A slow, lethargic warm up led (surprise surprise) to slow, lethargic hockey. Footscray took the lead within the first five minutes, and looked on top. 

The rest of the first half was nothing short of abysmal. Slow passes, a missed stroke, frustrating umpiring and soft plays saw us go into the break 2-0 down.

A stirring speech from Will “get it on Snapchat” Tucker at the half fired us up - and we finally kicked into gear.

Hard passes, physical contests and gut running saw us absolutely dominate a poor Footscray outfit who had no answers. Goal after goal hit the backboard (including a beaut tomahawk from the baseline by Arnie), final score 6-2. Comprehensive.

Four games left until finals, and momentum is building. Up the wells.

Tom Allen

Hamish Prior