2019 Senior Winter Season Registration

Help & Contacts

Please contact any of the helpfull people below if you have any questions or require assistence.

Narelle Richardson
General registrar queries
phone: 0401 886 892

Suz Cannell
Womens Section Secretary
phone: 0408 377 874

Phil Everist
Mens Section Secretary
phone: 0407 533 397

Ralph Kerr
Mens Masters
phone: 0419 565 212

Suz Cannell
Womens Masters
phone: 0408 377 874

Membership Fees

To play Hockey for Camberwell in 2019, players must be financial. This requires each player to:

  • Register online with Hockey Victoria (HV). For all seniors, the cost is $97.00, but if you happen to be a junior playing seniors under the age of 18 as of 1st January 2019 the cost is $60.00. Note that the HV registration process has been changed this year. Please refer to our guide before registering.

  • Pay 2019 CHC Winter Fees. The senior sections have a financial commitment to support Club projects such as the Matlock Facility development and the surface replacement fund. These costs are in addition to those associated with the playing competition such as ground fees, team registrations, equipment (balls, first aid kits etc.), trophies, coaching costs, umpires and physiotherapy services. To do this, all members must play their part and pay upfront and on-time.

Fees for the 2019 season have now been set as per the table below inclusive of card processing fees.

Membership Category Full Payment
Seniors (playing weekends) $665.00
21+ years (but still a full-time student) $550.00
Under 21 years $550.00
Under 19 years $320.00
Junior playing Seniors (in addition to Junior Section fees) $160.00
Womens Masters $490.00
Mens Masters or Supermasters (+50s) $510.00
Masters and also Playing Supermasters (+50s) $770.00
Masters and/or Supermasters and also Playing Seniors $770.00
Goalkeeper (with own gear) - Seniors or Master $130.00
Goalkeeper (with own gear) - Juniors $100.00
Non-playing Member $100.00

The Club requires ALL players to be financial before Round 4. Failure to pay before Rd 4 or to have entered into a payment arrangement will mean the Club reserves the right not to select that player until fees are paid or a payment arrangement is entered into.

Senior Players Coaching Junior Teams

Our Junior teams rely on the passion and experience of our senior players to provide expert coaching for the season.

The Junior Section will pay the 2019 Winter subs of a Senior player for coaching a Junior team. The Men’s & Women’s Sections will invoice the Junior Section direct for these coaching fees. Each Junior team is allocated two coaches. If you are interested in coaching teams playing on Saturday mornings or Friday evenings please contact Andrew Henderson, David Wansbrough or Derek Vanden Driessen.

Alternative Payment Arrangements

If your personal circumstances make it difficult to comply with the payment requirements, please approach the Club Administrator Narelle Richardson in the first instance to discuss possible alternative arrangements as soon as possible.

Narelle Richardson
phone: 0401 886 892


Click here to register with the Men's Section

Click here to register with the Women's Section

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